Biography of Nick van der Burgh

A brief biography of Nick van der Burgh

Born in 1939 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Education : self-taught man
Techniques: a wide variety of painting

Nick has started painting in 1970 and must have inherited the genes of his paternal granddad because grandpa was a gifted artist. Painting has remained an enduring passion in a lifetime of varied activity. His career as an international executive has limited the time devoted to painting, but having retired from business it has become his full time occupation.
An eclectic and energetic approach has resulted in a rather large collection of paintings revealing no particular style. The subjects are recognizable displaying mostly primary colours with taut lines. His outlook has always been to paint subjects which appeal and which he enjoys.

Colour makes people happy…

Nick firmly believes that colour makes people happy ! He looks to nature for his inspiration where colour is concerned. What is more beautiful than a rainbow appearing between Heaven and Earth revealing the seven wonderful colours of the spectrum so harmoniously joined?

Nick sincerely hopes his perspective of harmonious colours will fill you with happiness and good cheer !